07 December 2015

XMAS 2015 - ellen giggenbach

This beautiful set of 8 Christmas card designs are just few of the latest illustrations Ellen Giggenbach has created for Templar Publishing. The cards come as part of kit created by Ellen called Paper Craft Christmas which is filled with lovely pull out greeting cards, stickers, gift tags etc. You can see it here on Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

And for the holiday season Ellen has opened a Christmas pop up shop in her home village of Eastbourne, New Zealand. Ellen has created a whole range of products from cushions to tea towels, decorations to scarves. Ellen is loving the experience and her dream is to develop her shop into a permanent retail brand.

And finally from Ellen Giggenbach who wouldn't love these sew your own shaped pillows that are new in her Etsy Shop online here.


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jednoiglec said...

I just love Ellen's work, so thank you for a hint about the set available on Amazon - already bought:)))