26 January 2016

DESIGNER - ali benyon

Designer Ali Benyon has spent the last ten years living in Australia, but recently moved back to the UK. Now getting straight back into business in her new home she has just launched a new website and released a new range of products, all designed and manufactured in the UK! Products include cushions, toiletry bags, purses, note books, greetings cards and candles Besides her pretty and colourful floral prints Ali's most recent designs are a collection of woodland characters, which will be manufactured into a calendar later on in the year. The small collection has been very much inspired by living back in the Cheshire countryside. As well as selling her new products (and hopefully wholesaling to stores throughout the UK in the very near future) Ali is also still very much available for licensing work. See more from Ali Benyon online here.

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Ali Benyon said...

Thanks so much Marie. Really appreciate you posting my work - Ali xx