27 January 2016

DESIGNER - joanne fenlon

The colourful florals are by designer Joanne Fenlon works under the studio label Beige Rainbow Designs. Joanne says she is creating art "to push the envelope slightly but ultimately make people smile with a huge dollop of rainbow goodness and a sprinkle of humour". Joanne was born and raised in Merseyside, UK, but is currently living in Dubai. She is relatively new to the surface pattern design world (having completed all 4 modules of the ABSPD e-course with the Make It In Design team) and is thoroughly enjoying herself, creating colourful, off-the-beaten-track designs that are full of fun in a magical world of wonderment. Positivity and laughter literally inspire every pen-stroke and Joanne is very much a glass half-full type of person who relishes in sharing that energy with others, through her artwork. Her designs are available for licensing, commissions and lovely collaborations.

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