18 January 2016

GRADUATES - abspd student coursework

Today I have also been invited to showcase some of the latest work created by students already on the Make it in Design course. These are from the ABSPD Round 10 Module 1 Showcase, that started in September 2015. The first design I chose is this lovely llama design (above) from Kate Fearn of Petite Circus.‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design' is an online e-course run by surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor, with whom Print and Pattern offers an annual scholarship for a free place on all modules of the course, plus a host of other bonus goodies. The next Module 1: Designing you Way class commences February 1st 2016 for those who can’t get enough of all things pattern. My next choice from the latest coursework designs were these gorgeous trees from Jessica Baldry.
and below : Feena Brooks.
 Below : Louise Hargreaves.
 Below : Hannah Wells.
Below : Belen Monllau.
 Below : Maria Ofili.
 Below : Alice de Marco.
 Below : Anastasia Kotis.
 Below : Jacqui Mulvagh.
 Below : Sue Cleveland.
 Below : Rachel Parker.
 Below : Michelle Grace.
 Below : Paget Fink.
 Below : Louise Broom.
 Below : Natalia Campo.
 Below : Vineetha Naval.
 Below : Clara Dahler.

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maria f. said...

So. Much. Talent. I actually have a favorite from the above... the unicorns. And all because of that fabulous B/W horn on a few of them. What a great design element.