03 February 2016

DESIGNER - james brown

This week saw a new entry in the Designers for Hire Directory. James Christopher Brown runs a studio called BRWN based in Jan Juc, Australia where he produces illustration, textile prints, graphic design and animation. James completed a degree in illustration at the University of Plymouth, UK and has been an illustrator for over 15 years. The majority of James’s career has been spent doing illustration and design. Over the past two years moving into textile print design and animation.
James can work in multiple styles of illustration and is always open to new commission and freelance work. He has a passion for textile design which he gained during a three week internship/consult with Camilla Frances Prints Print Studio.His main aims for 2016 are to continue producing illustration and motion graphics, produce a new textile print collection and exhibit at Premiere Vision in Paris and get in to the Pictoplasma Masterclass course in Berlin. You can see more from James' portfolio online here.

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