19 February 2016

DESIGNER - jane foster

I was really touched last week to receive a surprise gift from designer/maker Jane Foster. Jane said she had thought of me when David Bowie died and knew I must be feeling down - so to cheer me up she created a Bowie Fan Doll. It was a lovely thought and came along with a fab Bear card and striking Scandi Bird print. Thank you Jane !

Receiving a lovely gift from Jane made me want to check out what she has been working on lately - and it turned out to be some wonderful new illustrated children's books. Published by Templar look out for Jane's new baby books : First Words, Black & White and Colours which were published on 1st February. They are available to buy direct from her website (where they can also be signed!) or in good bookshops and at Amazon UK.

I also wanted to mention that Jane also works with Make International to create and license designs for mugs, glasses, coasters, placemats, storage baskets and craft kits.


maria f. said...

What a sweet thing to do. Wonderful products here too.

Jane Foster said...

Ahhh, thank you ! Have just returned from 4 days in London to see this post. Am so pleased you liked your goodies xxx