08 March 2016

SS 2016 - atomic soda

Today I wanted to mention some of the new arrivals in the Atomic Soda Spring Summer 2016 catalogue and highlight some of the brands they work with which I never got round to last time. First up though is a lovely new print from Mini Labo (above and below) which features on wash bags and purses. Also new are two fab new floral trays. Retailers can find out more at Atomic Soda or you buy the new items online at deco-graphic who also styled some of these photographs.

Also in collaboration with Atomic Soda you will find fun French brand Bandjo who design ceramics and tableware with children in mind...

Atomic Soda also collaborate with Les Miniatures for a whole range of trompe l'oeil embroidered products (you may remember this brand as it was featured a few weeks ago)

And finally from Atomic Soda are Mr & Mrs Clynk. Mr Clynk is Jérôme Clynckemaillie, an interior designer and Mrs Clynk is textile designer Karine. They got together to merge their skills and create a bold product range of kitchenware, bags, stationery and more.

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Taylor Two said...

What beautiful products and patterns, was just about to bookmark them to my online shopping bookmarks but then realised their overseas shipping charges (from France to the UK even) are rather hefty! :'(
Such a shame!