07 April 2016

NEW WORK - sarah walsh

Wonderful artist Sarah Walsh has created a new card line with Studio Ink out this month. It's a fun 10 card collection featuring hand lettering and hand drawn illustrations that were all inspired by the 80's with bubble gum colors, roller skates, pizza, unicorns and neon inks with embossed detail. Sarah also included patterns on the inside of the cards together with a beautiful hand lettered sentiment. Studio Ink you may remember from earlier posts is an artistic offshoot of Hallmark that was set up to create an a experimental label to feature 'weirdness, whimsy, and whatnot and seek to show another side of Hallmark by collaborating with cooler designers. You can find out more from Sarah Walsh online here or visit Studio Ink to see their latest cards.


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CreativaCale said...

Lovely design !
Kiss from Serbia,