24 May 2016

ETSY - fran wood design

Fran Wood has produced a new range of designs, which she has turned into screen prints, greeting cards and a tea towel. These designs all include simple animal illustrations and patterns influenced by 1970s textile and graphic motifs. The range is called 'Nouveau Animals', as Fran had noticed a strong influence of Art Nouveau during the period - some of which can be seen in her work. All Fran's Nouveau Animal designs started out as sketches and ideas. Once happy with a sketch, image or pattern, she cut them out of paper, scanned them into her computer to finalise them in Photoshop. Fran then exposed the images to the silk screen and with the exception of the Nouveau Fish tea towel (which she had professionally screen printed), Fran hand-pulled all the screen prints herself at home in her small London flat. The whole collection can be viewed or purchased in her Etsy shop here.

1 comment:

Taylor Two Shop said...

Really like the strong bold simple patterns. They work especially well in blue on the shopper bag. Remind me of Wild and Wolf's 'Folklore' styling.