13 May 2016

SURTEX 2016 - flyers

Here are some individual flyers which showcase the wonderful variety of design that will be on offer at Surtex this year. We start with Lemon Ribbon above in booth 719 and below Anne was here in booth 451.
Below : Barb Chotiner, who recently had a pop up shop in West Elm, will be represented by Astound US in booth 232.
Below : Jane Mosse Designs will be showing her latest designs in booth 723.
Below : Rosie Harbottle will be with Paper & Cloth in booth 743.
Below : Visit the Lovely Bird Designs Studio in booth 727 at Surtex for brand new never before seen collections.
Below : Elizabeth Silver will have new work available for licensing being shown at Surtex by Jewel Branding at booth 417.
Below : Studio2Art will be in booth 552.
Below : Gillian Stirling of Elizabeth Stirling Designs Ltd will be showing a new collection of designs for gift bags, wrap and textiles at both Surtex and Blueprint.
Below : Amy Lighthall will be in booth 442 at Surtex.
Below : Betsey Cavallo will be exhibiting at Surtex booth 240.
Below : New Jersey artist Alyssa Kays will be exhibiting for the second time at Surtex with her agent Brenda Manley of Brenda Manley Designs in booth 235.
Below : Jane Dixon will be at Surtex in booth 739.
Below : Macarina Busato will be at SURTEX again in booth 220, represented by Lilla Rogers studio. Spanish artist Macarina has been working on new collection called "natura obscura", with seaweeds, and strange marine creatures,  and collections inspired by rare flowers and the Italian renaissance, and a kids collection inspired in the moon.
And finally we finish with Cyndi Pfeiffer of Cyndi Lou Designs who will be showing with Art Licensing in booths 204-208.

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Taylor Two Shop said...

Wow, loving the Yellow Ribbon flyer, I like the colour (love yellow) but also I like the way it's a map. I think it's a map anyway!