14 June 2016

FABRICS - art gallery

Today we look at the new arrivals and 'coming soon' collections from Art Gallery Fabrics, whom I decided to investigate after put the above design in my Etsy Faves sidebar. The first two prints are from the Bound collection by April Rhodes...
And below a selection from two collections by Bonnie Christine : Hello Ollie (July 2016) and Forest Floor.

Below :  Lavish by Katarina Roccella.

Below : Tapestry by Sharon Holland.

Below : Four designs from Maureen Cracknell's Nightfall collection (August 2016).

 Below : Designs from the Pat Bravo collections : Heartland (Sept 2016), Artisan and Dare.

Below : Examples from two collections designed in-house at Art Gallery Fabrics : Lagom (Sept 2016) and Pastel Thrift.

Below : Joi de Vivre by Bari J (June 2016).

And we finish this fabric round-up with three prints from Playground by Amy Sinibaldi. (July 2016). See these designs and many more online at Art Gallery Fabrics.

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Taylor Two Shop said...

A few months ago I also found Art Gallery fabrics (via Etsy too I think!), definitely one of the best fabric suppliers out there for fresh modern designs.