01 July 2016

DESIGNER - richard baker

Designer Richard Baker felt he had lost the passion he once had for design after graduating from the Norwich University of the Arts. But last year he was unfortunate enough to have a stroke at the age of 34 - a car crash being a probable cause, but he fully recovered and the whole ordeal made him feel reborn again...grateful for everyday. And more importantly...his love for design came back stronger than ever. Richard then decided to refresh his style by taking the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design Modules 1, 2 & soon to be 3! He wanted to change his style of work completely and become looser in style and more importantly hand drawn. Richard is looking to sell his designs in various ways, particularly licensing and maybe producing a few of his own products along the way. Module 3 should help him with the finer details of selling work. But if there are any companies interested you can find Richard online here.

1 comment:

suzyspellbound said...

What a story! So glad you are better and have found your passion again! All the best!