26 August 2016


A very kind reader brought something urgent to my attention today. Someone has created an instagram account for Print & Pattern that is not by me. They are posting pictures from this blog but not crediting any of the artists. Something I would never do. I would urge anyone following this account just because they believe it to be officially by the Print & Pattern Blog to unfollow it now, and if you see your own work on there add a credit and complain in the comments. Here is the link - but just confirm this account is nothing at all to do with me or the P&P Blog which does not currently have an instagram account.


Shanna Anderson said...

Thank you for making us aware. The amount of uncredited art sharing is out of hand. On a related note, I would love to follow you on Instagram if you do make an official one. ;)

bowie style said...

Thank you Shanna. Until yesterday I thought instagram was about sharing your own work - not posting that of others in the way you might do on Pinterest. Hence no official account from P&P.

Les Ephelides Design said...

Thank you for warning us, this account is not active since November 2015 (no post since) I've asked them to put credit to artists, as many of us, but nobody replied... Unfollowed as well !
And I would love to follow you on Instagram too 😉

Neelam Kaur said...

Thank you Bowie Style!