30 September 2016

DESIGN STUDENTS - abspd showcase

Our Friday eye candy this week comes from the students at the Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design e-course. These designs were created for Module 3 in April 2016.The latest Module 3: Monetising your designs class commenced on September 26 2016. 'The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design' is an online e-course run by surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor attracts a global audience with students taking part from all over the world. We start with a fun kitten and wool design (above) by Anne-Chris Hedlund and colourful Toucans below by Kat Uno.

Above : May Leong. Below : Louisa Boyles.

Above : Louise Hargreaves. Below : Holly Thomas Stein.

Above : Meredith Gain. Below : Rita Martinez Ilarduya.

Above : Caroline Moraes. Below : Erica Ilene.

Above : Rebecca Ashley. Below : Ruth Husain.

Above : Inga Van Bruggen. Below : Ella Elron-Breitman.

Above : Fiona Meakin. Below : Shannon McNabb.
Below : Shiori Naruse.

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