15 November 2016

CARDS & WRAP - lagom

After not receiving any card samples for years - suddenly two packages came along in one week. Today we have some gorgeous new designs from UK based publisher Lagom on wrapping paper and cards. Lagom designs are sold in some of the most well-known retailers in the UK and they work with top artists and illustrators. We begin with this beautifully bold floral design by Monika Forsberg

These stylish geometrics are by Lagom's founder and creative director Kelly Hyatt.

Below : Lovely pastels and stylised animals by Tord Boontje that are so nice they would look great as posters or in frames.

Below : Cactus gift wrap by Naomi Wilkinson.
Below : Floral by Hanna Werning who has been designing for Lagom since it began in 2007.
Below : Vintage floral print by the late Sheila Bownas whose work was re-discovered after her death for sale at an auction by Chelsea Cefai who now promotes her work.
Below : Scandinavian style from Finnish designer Lotta Nieminen.

Below : Colourful animals Helen Dardik.
Below : Another gift wrap sheet that would make a fab poster for a nursery wall is this Animal Alphabet by Cozy Tomato.

And also from Lagom we have a selection of greetings cards - starting with smart graphics by Kelly Hyatt for the Postco range.

And more cute children's design this time on cards by Japanese designer Cozy Tomato....

Below : Fun typography for all kinds of occasions by Alison Carmichael.

Below : Cat card from part of collection called 'Zoo Portraits' by Spanish designer and photographer Yago Partal.
Below : Flamingos by photographer Dietske Klepper.
Below : Colour and fun on cards from Allison Black.

And finally two cute mini cards featuring clean lined graphics from the Lagom 'Palais' range.

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