23 January 2017

MAKE IT IN DESIGN - p&p scholarship

The girls over at Make it in Design have published the top 50 entries from this years competition to win a free design course through the Print & Pattern Blog Scholarship. Rachael, Victoria and the team will then whittle this down to 30 before asking me to vote for my favourite and 3 runners up. Here are a selection of designs picked out from the list (in no particular order) - and you can see the whole of the top 50 over at the Make it in Design blog here. We start with two different styles of cacti design with a lively print above by Michelle Vitale and below by Cynthia Jacquette.
Below : Laura Ochando Instagram
Below : Aigul Igembayeva Website
Below : Maria Atanackovic Instagram
Below : Naomi Kratz Website
Below : Danijela Obst Website
Below : Liz Harry Website
 Below : Maria Rose Adams Website
 Below : Ellie Green
 Below : Beata Pijanowska Website
 Below : Jessica Cooper Instagram
 Below : Helena Nilsson
Below : Britt DeMaris Leiendecker Website
Below : Sam Pernoski Website
Below : Melissa Lee Shaw Website
Below : Deborah Turner Website
Below : Heather Anderson Website
Below : Iryna Olshevska Website
Below : Julia Plume Website
Below : Emily Cromwell Website


Britt DeMaris said...

Wow I'm humbled to see my lil' intro shroom pattern among these!!! I've already changed the entire color scheme haha :) I invite you to follow my Instagram acct for my journey into surface design! :) @brittdemarisart

Anonymous said...

Nice selection! I found 4 new handy favorites!