08 May 2017

BLUEPRINT 2017 - pomelo & pomelo

Abby Zweifel of Pomelo & Pomelo has been diligently doodling new art in preparation for her 5th Blue Print show! She'll be there for all 6 days and can't wait to share new florals, festive holiday designs and punchy geometrics with visitors. Besides creating new art for shows, Abby frequently works with clients on freelance projects. She recently worked on projects with Hallmark Cards and Think Geek. Appointments for the show are still available, please email abby@pomeloandpomelo.com.


Textile Printing Machine said...

Some really nice patterns and designs here. You can always rely on Pomelo and Pomelo for producing quality. I have been following their work for a while now and they are yet to disappoint. Great work yet gain!

Jeanell said...

Love these prints, are any available on fabric and where would I find them? Thank you

bowie style said...

Jeanell, These are surface designs being offered to trade, so hopefully some of them will end up on fabrics. Best way to find out would be to follow Pomelo and Pomelo on social media.