17 May 2017

SURTEX 2017 - maggie moon design

Meredith Lawson Desmond if Magpie Moon Design will be at Surtex for 2017. Meredith has always held such an obsession, fascination and appreciation for the world's textiles. After traveling with friends to places like Thailand and Guatemala, her love for their culture's rich textile history continued to grow and influence everything from what she wears to what she fills her home with to prints that she would love to design. Not only do these prints hold history but they also always set her mind on vacation-travel-mode and allow her to escape to far away lands filled with new experiences. Beyond a love for global textiles, Meredith just enjoys making art and prints and imagining the myriad of products they could breathe life into! She also loves doing hand lettering. :) and can't wait to see how Surtex unfolds and meet all the other amazing designers putting themselves out there.

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