20 July 2017

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British textile designer Clarissa Hulse will be launching two new collections this month. First we have Angeliki a collection inspired by Clarissa's native Greece, where she visits every year with her family. The linen cushion above and below features a striking blue 'Smokebush' design. The floral clusters that feature in the main Angeliki print, are upturned chandeliers belonging to the giant fennel, which grow in abundance on the hillside near Mystras in southern Greece. Clarissa photographed these majestic umbellifers, then worked on the images by hand to create the perfect motif, which was produced into a large-scale repeat.

The second new design is Dusk, a dramatic and romantic design, evolved from photographs Clarissa took in South Africa of the striking silhouettes over peach and coral skies. Clarissa skillfully recreated the colour and softness of the light by hand-painting large swathes of dyes onto watercolour paper. The greys and pinks bled into one another providing a smoky backdrop. The silhouette of Fynbos branches were then exposed onto a screen and hand-printed onto the paper, once in slate grey and a second layer in Clarissa's current favourite shade, plaster pink. Dusk and Angeliki will be available from Clarissa Hulse later this month.

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