22 September 2017

CONTEST - free place on make it in design course

I am pleased to announce a new opportunity to win a free place on Module 1: Designing Your Way, an acclaimed e-course from The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.
The course starts in just four days, but the team at Make it in Design thought it would be great to offer a last minute free place to one lucky reader of Print & Pattern.

Module 1 is a fabulous start for any aspiring surface pattern designer, or even experienced designers hoping to revamp their portfolio or find a new style. 

Here are some gorgeous examples of pattern from the most recent Module 1 class:

Ready to Join? Here’s How to Enter: 

Post a comment describing what kind of pattern you would be and why, and add in a sentence on why you should be picked for the giveaway! 

The winner will be selected at 9:00 AM GMT on Monday, September 25th on the first day of class and will be announced here on the blog! Whoever wins can then contact learn@makeitindesign.com to be set up on the course!

Good luck


holamartis@gmail.com said...

It would be a tropical print, with many wild and fantastic animals, not yet known to man, a print where the deepest jungle would show its purest, most surprising and most appealing colors.
A print to dress the most fun and original people.

I would like to be chosen, because every story can be told through a print, and that's what I like to tell stories.


"I would be a wild pattern, with characters and living elements that recreate a story." I would LOVE to participate in your fabulous course dear Print & Pattern, being able to learn, contribute, grow and be able to communicate my ideas in a more professional way would be an unparalleled GIFT.

stefanie stark said...

Oh wow, this is a great opportunity! Many thanks! If I would be a kind of pattern it would definitely be some kind of gypsy pattern. I like it colorful and I like unusual combinations and I like it so much how gypsy pattern spread liberty and ease and always raise a big smile.
There is a great potential sleeping inside my soul which still needs some awakening and this is the reason why I’m relly keen to win.

cee mor said...

I would be a Scandinavian patters and no not just because I'm of Scandinavian decent. I love the clean line, the bright colors, the minimalist style. Also, not just any Scandinavian design, definitely one from the 60s-70s. Also, not just because I'm from the 60s-70s, wait that makes me sound old. I was a graphic designer and am an art teacher but still feel there is another job I'd love (hint, designing patterns and fabric). I love all the designs and patterns on "Print & Pattern" and check it out every day. I aspire to design more every day and this would be a great chance to enhance my skills.

cee mor said...

I would be a Scandinavian patters and no not just because I'm of Scandinavian decent. I love the clean line, the bright colors, the minimalist style. Also, not just any Scandinavian design, definitely one from the 60s-70s. Also, not just because I'm from the 60s-70s, wait that makes me sound old. I was a graphic designer and am an art teacher but still feel there is another job I'd love (hint, designing patterns and fabric). I love all the designs and patterns on "Print & Pattern" and check it out every day. I aspire to design more every day and this would be a great chance to enhance my skills.

Ellie Bond said...

I would be a mixture of thick gold luxurious waves in between bright teal spikes dotted with the tiniest eraser pink drops. Dark navy velvet undertones would lie below.
I would love to be swimming within this ocean of rich texture and colour, seeking out imaginary boats and sunsets.
I teach art and design at Level 3 in Northbrook College, I take part in Open Houses and currently have an exhibition of my collages and paintings in Worthing. However it is my absolute dream to build up my portfolio to hopefully gain some work as s Surface Pattern Designer.
Thank you - what a great opportunity this would be!
Ellie Bond

Nicole McDonough said...

If I were a pattern, I would be soft, hand drawn violet ripples drifting over a weathered, pearly white with flecks of black and silver mica chips clustered about. This patterns illustrates the the way my soul responds to both the calming invitation and the fierce excitement of the seashore. I think I should be picked for the Module 1 e-course because I am entering a new season in my life with deep stores of creativity that I am ready to share with the world.

Madison Lytle said...

If I were a pattern I would be a brushy, abstracted, hand-painted floral that explores a unique and surprising color-way. I would also incorporate hand-crafted linework and texture along with tactile elements such as embroidery or gold foil.

I would love to be chosen for this giveaway because the skills I would learn would greatly impact and propel forward the #100daysofmerrylittlepatterns project I've created on Instagram. I'm currently using historical research to investigate as many ways to make a pattern as I can.

Grace said...

I would be a simply coloured pattern, nothing bright or flashy. Maybe some grays, blacks, and whites. What would stand out would be my subject matter. I would be filled with starbursts (a nod to my love of midcentury modern) and beautifully illustrated things that I love (lipstick, dresses, and cateye glasses). I should be picked for this giveaway because I discovered, surface pattern design this year and I think I've found my calling. I have sketchbooks full of drawings, doodles, etc and this would put my creativity to such good use!

Fiona said...

I would be a graphic monochrome repeat pattern, but with an unexpected flash of bright colour. This would represent my current situation - stuck in a corporate job, but wanting to break out and go back full-time to my passion - designing! I would love to be picked for this giveaway as the Designing Your Way would be the perfect next step to refine my style, build a portfolio and to Make it in Design!

sharon lee said...

For a pattern, I would be a bohemian floral..fun,colorful,laid back and relaxed. why i should be picked..I would like to spruce up my portfolio and be part of the make it in design community.

Penguin2Peacock said...

If I was a pattern I would encompass a rainbow of entomological themed designs featuring lots of fascinating, tiny details with bright, mesmerising colours.

I would love to win the competition as every time I save up enough to expand my creative horizons with an inspirational course, something horribly mundane comes along and gobbles up all my lovely money. *gives evil eye to MOT failing car*

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a thought-provoking question!

The first thing that pops into my head is colour... a few years ago it would have been ALL the colours but I'm learning to take a subtler approach these days (to both life *and* design). I like to think I'd be the kind of pattern with hidden details, so the longer you look, and the more time you invest, the more becomes apparent! Maybe some little surprises too. My me pattern would be heavily influenced by nature but with a hint of geometrics too.

I did the MIID Winter School last year which I really enjoyed, it was great to work to briefs and specific colour schemes and do some creative exercises. And fascinating to see how different everyone's responses to the same briefs were. Sadly I had other commitments during this year's Summer School but I'd love to build on my Winter School experience and start my studies properly with MIID :)

Alicia Webb said...

AH! I would be a conversational print featuring a variety of cute animals eating snacks, now what woudl those snacks be? They'd run the gammut from healthy broccoli tress and pineapple slices to popcorn and donuts. My name is Alicia and I have just graduated with a certificate in textile and surface design and am launching my buisness. I'd love to take this class as I am buidling a new, updated website and fresh work to don my site is always a BIG WIN! Pick me and I'll give you a vegan donut with sprinkles- cross my heart and hope to die. ;)

Isabel Mead said...

Hey! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to enjoy this very exciting course! I've been wanting to do it for quite some time now but had neither time nor money. I have even cut back on other commitments - including beloved choirs - because I'm launching a creative business in late October and so will not time thereafter for a while. My new business should provide the entry point that I need, providing me with credibility as an innovative, creative entrepreneur & capable business-woman before developing another, very exciting number of product-lines in a currently under-explored niche market that I can develop to, I hope, generate hope (for the sick, lonely, old, young, families), teach skills, encourage community, support social enterprise and much more besides.

If I were a pattern, at the moment, I'd be a light & sunny 5-star repeat featuring balloons. The balloons are the simple type, not hot-air balloons, that are shaped like light bulbs. The motif came to mind because because my head is so full of simple, wonderful, pretty ideas for designs that have the scope to make others feel joyful.

I hope that I'll be selected for this terrific course because but I could do with some help freeing up my practical creative inhibitions as, regardless of my ability to come up with new ideas, I have lost confidence as an artist, after years of not practising any art at all, while busy with a young family & work.

Very many thanks for the blog, encouragement and ideas!

Claire said...

I would be a batik with lots of layers and occasional flaws.
I would like the opportunity to develop my work into patterns.

Vanessa said...

I think if I was a pattern I'd be something bold and striking, a bit graphic and likely a bit quirky, and definitely something that would keep your mind wandering back to it. I was born in the 70's and by design or coincidence I have a love of bright bold patterns.

I'd love to be chosen to do the course. I actually purchased a course subscription a few years back but by the time the course started I was heavily pregnant with baby #1 and running my own small business too so didn't have the required energy at the end of the day to also take the course sadly. Fast forward a few years, baby #2 under my belt, I'd really like to spend a bit of time doing what I love the most (aside from being a mummy!) and adding a bit of a much needed refresh to my portfolio.

Kim said...

I would be a spiral pattern. Like a cobweb made of many coloured strands and different fibres in organic natural colours because I am always drawn to nature and its incredible beauty and complexity and the symbol of the spiral has always had a deeper meaning for me of growth and spirit.
I would dearly like to be picked for this giveway because I have always been fascinated by pattern and would love the chance to integrate pattern design into my small business.

Unknown said...

If I could be any kind of pattern I would like to be a damask pattern with a twist. I would like to have the order and consistency of the layout that the damask has, but I would also want the idea of the free flowing floral motifs that are elegantly silhouetted. I like 2 tone, but also have the ability to use as many colors as I can imagine to make the print just right. Last but not least, I love that newer damask prints have something a little fun or quirky “hidden” inside classical looks and concepts.

I would love to be picked for the giveaway as I feel the need to be inspired to create more by someone other than myself as my life has been more about everyone else being put first, as a mother of 4. Please don’t get me wrong, I love them all but I could use the help to be sure to carve out a window of time for myself.

svaga said...

Thank you for the great opportunity!
If I would be a kind of pattern it would field flowers and traditional Russian folk art house, with lace, twisted patterns and traditional bright colors. The houses are the same as those in my small village, in the north of Russia, where I now live.
I have long been creating patterns for shutterstock, but recently I found your blog print&pattern and you discovered a huge and wonderful world of the surface pattern for me.
I would like to become a part of this world and I dream to participate in the exhibition SURTEX.

Valentina said...

I would like to be a simple black and white geometric pattern to never go trendy, and be immortal!
Greetings, and thanks for the award: P

Melissa Boardman said...

If I were a pattern I would be nature inspired, with trees, plants and birds all around me. I would have neutral colours, bold shapes, fine details, a clean aesthetic and a fresh pure feeling like being in the depths of nature.

I would love to be picked for the giveaway because I am genuinely passionate about patterns and the calibre of work that emerges from the Make It In Design courses always blows me away, I would love the chance to participate in Module 1 and work on improving my pattern designing skills!

Anonymous said...

My pattern would be a field of colorful late bloomers :)

I'm interested in expanding my ceramic surface design to other surfaces.


Becki Clark said...

I would be a nature pattern filled with ferns, foliage, blooms and tiny birds peeping their way in. All inspired by my surroundings in the New Forest, I would be painted with a mix of Gouache and watercolour.

Louise Wishart said...

Hey There...
I love the characterful and quirky, originality is key, I am unbelievably nosy, think far too much, daydream even more. I strive to be kind and probably ask too many questions....If I were a pattern it would be a patchwork of colour and texture, character and theme, lots of contrasts along side gentle tones all working together.

I would LOVE a place on Module 1 as the MIID team have created a unique set of user friendly courses that not only encourage new talent but enable designers such as myself who need a career reboot to be both creative and productive guided by industry greats!!

Alex said...

I would be a very watery (but dark) indigo watercolor geometric, I think. I'm not sure why, but that feels right, haha. I would love a place in Module 1 - I've done a ton of self-study on pattern-making but I haven't been able to afford one of the big courses and I think it would help me out so much!

camille clifton said...

A beautifully bright and bold print. I am a shimmering sea. I caress a tropical shore and kiss each delicate jewel. My vibrancy entices the eye and enlivens the soul while my kaleidoscope of waves splash and dance. The glittering rainbow of hand painted exotic fish show off their playful patterned forms. The enchanting energy infuses the glimmering surface, reflecting every vivid colour and emotion of each lucky onlooker.

I would love to be a pattern that makes my viewer feel excited, energised and wanting to dive right in to me!

I am a creative mother of two and I would cherish this opportunity to rejuvenate my design skills and kick start a career in surface pattern.