09 November 2017

DESIGNER - courtney capone

Courtney Capone is an aspiring surface designer (currently a graphic designer by trade). She is  based in Queens, NY where she spends her time doodling, sewing and dreaming up ideas for new pattern collections. Courtney strives to make work that is cheerful, energetic and fun and is inspired by New York City and nature. But more importantly she says by emotions, which she tries to convey in her collections. For example in her Tanglewood Court collection (at bottom of post) inspired by her grandma she wanted to convey the kind of warm, homely feelings that she felt whenever she visited her. Another recent collection is Satsuma is inspired heavily by a trip to New Orleans and by the happy, colorful, exciting feelings of walking through the neighborhood she stayed in. To see more and get in touch regarding her work you can find Courtney online here.

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