20 December 2017

XMAS 2017 - creating christmas course

Next up we have some designs from Victoria Johnson's Create ChristmasThis is a new online course that offers artists the knowledge and confidence to create beautiful Christmas artwork and capture the attention of the biggest commercial artwork market in the world. Each week, for three weeks, students receive a very detailed written brief, a beautiful mood-board full of inspiring imagery, a unique, commercial colour palette, a PDF of useful, relevant information, based on industry knowledge, and a research project to increase awareness of the market. Victoria, who has more than 20 years experience designing for this market, is offering support and advice throughout. The first class was so popular Victoria had to close the first one early and open a second one starting on January 15th, 2018 - with all new design briefs, mood-boards and colour palettes. Registration is still open for another week or so and costs a very reasonable $75. Anyone interested can sign up here. These beautiful artworks are from the first two design briefs of Create Christmas and Victoria was thrilled to see such imagination and diversity! 
Above : Anais Lee, Below : Jennifer Orkin Lewis

Above : Kelly Angelovic, Below : Susan Mitchell.

Above : Michelle Lobelia, Below : Sandrine Monnier.

Above : Jo Fryer Designs , Below : Rebecca Prinn.

Above : Rachael Schafer, Below : Fleur and Mimi.

Above : Nic Squirrell, Below : Liv Wan.

Above : Este Macleod, Below : Sarah Golden.


Susan Mitchell said...

I feel so honoured to have my work featured with all these wonderful artists! It has been an amazing experience doing Victoria's class and it has pushed me to try different techniques and push myself out of my comfort zone.

I noticed that the link to my name does not seem to be working, so adding it here: https://www.instagram.com/susanmitchellillustration/


bowie style said...

Hi Susan,
The link is all fixed up now - I couldn't find you on instagram when I was searching, so thank you for getting in touch. Glad to hear you enjoyed the course : )