23 January 2018

STATIONERY - mini moderns

This month sees British interiors brand Mini Moderns enter a new product category with the launch of stationery and desk accessories. Working with stationery experts, Portico Designs, Mini Moderns have revisited some favourite patterns that have only previously been available as wallpaper. Mini Moderns founders, Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire, feel that stationery products have a great synergy with their designs: “Everything we do starts life as a wallpaper design, so creating a range of largely paper-based products means that there’s an instant synergy with our core home furnishing ranges”. One of the things they particularly love about the range is the attention to detail. Working with the expert team at Portico, they have managed to integrate lovely touches like debossing and foil detailing into the products. Scroll down to see more.....

The hero print of the collection is P.L.U.T.O. - a striking geometric design from Mini Moderns’ Hinterland collection.As well as paper products, which naturally embody the spirit of our wallpapers, they have introduced some wooden pieces, like the Tablet Holder and the Perpetual Desk Calendar. Printed in their P.L.U.T.O. design, these items look stunning and are made from 100% sustainably sourced beech wood.

The brand’s signature Bungalow icon is peppered throughout the range, used as a repeat pattern and as an instantly recognisable icon on zip pulls and colourful powder coated book markers.As you would expect, the home office collection features Mini Moderns signature colours, with products largely grouped in three colour blocks: Mustard, Tangerine Dream and their distinctive turquoise, known as Lido.

The stationery collection also sees the welcome return of design duo’s first ever print, Do You Live in a Town (above) on a notebook with soft feel PU pen case.

Portico Designs Ltd were thrilled to unveil their Mini Moderns Spring stationery and gift collection at Top Drawer last week. Months in the making, this playful 20-piece collection will be priced from £4.99 to £27.99. Mini Moderns is a British home interiors brand that has a cult following and a unique take on pattern with mid-century twist.

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