08 February 2018

DESIGN STUDIO - in house

Designer Marcus Walters has just launched a new print/pattern studio called 'In House'. Together with his wife Hayley (a textile/screen print designer) Marcus found himself working on quite a few pattern based projects over the last few years. Having produced homewares and prints for John Lewis, Heals Fortnum and Mason, and Habitat they wanted to find a home for all this work and their own signature designs, so they created In House. The name is a reference to the fact that as a working design and screen print studio they are able to produce their own prints and products ‘In House'! Their designs are often collaborative efforts, bringing together lots of different elements of collage, texture and photography through the screen print process. They hope to keep working with like minded brands as well as developing their own exclusive products to sell only through their website. To showcase the studio launch they have teamed up with G F Smith and FE Burman printers to create promotional wrapping paper packs featuring some of their favourite patterns. You can see all their past projects and pattern portfolio online here.

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