05 February 2018

ONLINE COURSE - este macleod

I have received some details of a new online course from artist Este MacLeod...
Why not try something different to inject new energy into you art practice? This is the unconventional approach of  Este MacLeod’s month long online course to promote creativity and get people to draw more experimentally.
Este is a full time artist and designer and tutor. She is also the creator of this new alternative art course. 
What to expect: Creative Leap consists of twenty six daily assignments designed to nudge, nurture and embolden creativity and develop individual style.
Bite sized projects will entice the exploration of new ideas and options, with visual prompts to challenge and guide students. The alphabet and handwriting are used cunningly as links to all kinds of topics. The assignments vary from simple to more elaborated projects, and there are four weekly hour long live demonstrations to show how these can expand into bigger artworks using a selection of materials and methods.
The classes are suitable for artists and designers of all levels of experience. Cultivating curiosity: students are invited to look, and to challenge the way they perceive their surroundings and creative processes. Observe and discover, exploring ways to make the mundane magical and find ways to use imagination.
For more information and to sign up to Creative Leap go to www.explorecolour.com
About the creator.
Este MacLeod is a full time painter with a textile design background. Este’s paintings are colourful and bold and are used for licensing on all kinds of products ranging from greeting cards to homeware, ceramic and textile products.

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