14 March 2018

DESIGN AGENCY - cataci japan

Cataci is a new design agency based in Tokyo and Paris. They have recently launched a website to promote Japanese designers to international clients. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with some super talented artists from Japan, something that has not always been easy in the past and I know from my own experience with the Print & Pattern books communication can be a barrier when trying to recruit Japanese artists. But now Cataci can bring some terrific design work to the international market. Some of the artists represented are shown here starting with Kayo Aoyama (above & below). 

 Also represented by Cataci : Miwa Akabane (below)

Below : Beautiful textile designs by Nocogou at Cataci.

Below : Papercuts from the fabulous Yuya (featured on P&P here back in Oct 17)

Below : Gorgeous prints by Kovomi Aihara.

Below : Bold colours and geometrics from Masanori Inui.

 Below : More papercuts can be found from Chihiro Takeuchi
Below : Delicate pencil illustrations from Naoya Hata

Below : Graphic works by Mitsuyo Kamata.

And finally from Cataci illustrations by Tomoko Inaba.

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Diego Lopes said...

These designs are incredible! They're all so beautiful, it's amazing!