02 March 2018

GRADUATES - abspd coursework

Today we have a showcase of work from the talented students from the "Creating your professional identity" Module by The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design . This is an online e-course run by surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor, (with whom Print and Pattern offer an annual scholarship). The first designs are from students who took the course in April 2017 and were created over the course of five weeks. We begin with a lovely leaf print from Narissa Davidson and below waves of pen and ink lines by Claire Sweet.

Above : Beshka Kueser
Below : Bex Morley

Above : Jean Kilpatrick.
Below : Rachel Watson.

Above : Jo Fryer.
Below : Maureen Gomes.

Above : Hannah Richards.
Below : Andrea Duhon Anderson.

Above : Jean Stevens.
Below : Ivan de Smet.
Above : Ulla Soeder
Below : Sue Halstead.

Above : Rebecca Newman.
Below : Sofia Englund.
The next selection are from graduates of the Module 1 course "Designing your way" which took place in September/October 2017. Below are colourful leaves by Ellie Wilder of  Wilderhouse Design.

Above : Kemi Jolaoso.
Below : Barbara Varadyova.

Above : Nina Raby
Below : Elki Shaw

Above : Charlotte Cross.
Below : Megan Stuart
Below : Rakha Madahar

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Jean said...

Thank you so much for featuring my work in this post.