01 March 2018

HOME DECOR - patternity + john lewis

If you love geometric patterns and black and white prints then this new collection at John Lewis might be of interest. They have teamed up with pattern experts Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham, the founders of PATTERNITY to create the first ever collaboration across home and fashion. If you love geometric patterns and black and white style then you may like this new collection. PATTERNITY was founded to inspire mindful living through design and this exclusive collection celebrates the fundamental shapes and textures of life. PATTERNITY feel the pattern of our lives is shaped by the objects we use, places we visit and spaces we live in. From cushions which are designed to create mindful daily rituals of comfort and consideration, to athleisure wear with bold patterns and inspirational mantras. The PATTERNITY + John Lewis collaboration celebrates the power of design to inspire moments of reflection and positivity in daily life.

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