23 April 2018

BLUE PRINT 2018 - esther bley designs

Esther Bley Designs is the studio of artist Bley Hack, who creates hand-rendered artwork for a variety of markets. Using mainly watercolour, but often mixing it with other media, Bley paints designs inspired by the fresh florals and vintage charm she spies on her family farm. Her collections range from tropical birds to farm animals, and often include sweet sentiments in watercolor brush lettering. This year, she will be featuring pretty new work with a focus on all kinds of fauna, including moths and fish, accented with beautiful loose florals.

1 comment:

Bezel Blue said...

is it possible to make an album design for me? I would like to talk designs with you, because I am an up and coming music artist and I feel you have inspired me, and can help with a design for the cover! I love your use of color choice