12 April 2018

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - sarah corynen

The Print & Pattern Design Directory has a new entry in the form of Sarah Corynen a Belgian designer and artist with a background in fashion. She started her own studio in 2014 and exhibits at Première Vision and Heimtextil. Sarah's goal for the near future is to extend her roster of clients as she works mainly with fashion customers at the moment. Sarah would love to find an agent for the USA and Europe that would be a good match for her work. As she has a seven year old son Sarah dreams of illustrating a children's book (if any publishers are reading this!) and generally work on projects for a younger audience. Sarah's style is quite different from the mainstream but she feels this can be a plus for potential collaborations. She is open to collaborations for home and interior products, paper goods etc and has an extensive archive of drawings on a protected platform that potential clients can consult if they request a password. Find Sarah's website online here and follow on instagram.

New for this week Sarah has launched some new 100% organic t-shirts online for children aged 3-12 years.

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