11 April 2018

TRADE SHOW - field trip preview

Design show Field Trip is taking place for the third time this year in New York on May 21st. A huge amount of thought and effort has gone into the concept and preparation of Field Trip to make a really beautiful show. The artists are all incredibly talented and diverse in their approaches and all of them have accomplished quite amazing things within their field. This year they will have have Elizabeth Olwen, Kelly Ventura, Monika Forsberg, Suzy Ultman, Jillian Philips, Ampersand Design Studio, Victoria Johnson, Nottene Studio, Sara Boccaccini Meadows, Bikini Sous La Pluie, and Carolyn Suzuki. The show is strictly trade only and potential visitors can sign up for the newsletter here. Clients can read all about the show here (including great pics of last years show). And none of us should miss the Field Trip instagram page which a joy to behold with each artist takeover. Here are some examples of the artists work for the show starting with above and below Ampersand.

 Below : Bikini Sous la Pluie

 Below : Carolyn Suzuki.
Below : Elizabeth Olwen.

 Below : Kelly Ventura.

 Below : Monika Forsberg.

Below : Jillian Phillips

Below : Suzy Ultman

Below : Studio Nottene.
Below : And finally the fabulous Victoria Johnson who we featured in the last post.

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