08 May 2018

BLUE PRINT 2018 - cinnamon joe studio

Paul and Andrea are organisers of Blue Print and the owners of the Cinnamon Joe Studio. They are so excited that this will be the 6th Blueprint and it is gaining in momentum. They have an amazing amount of exhibitors for 2018 with a huge amount of talent in one place, and a wonderful community of creatives. This year Blueprint is at a new venue Hudson Mercantile at 500 W 36th st on 10th Avenue, New York. It is in trendy Chelsea super close to the subway, great restaurants, boutique shops and the highline. Cinnamon Joe Studio are so looking forward to meeting their regular clients and new ones. Anyone who still has not registered can do so by going to the Blue Print website. Here we have a beautiful selection of flyers from Cinnamon Joe artists.

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