25 May 2018

GRADUATES / NEWS - make it in design

Last month it was announced that after nearly eight successful years of teaching at Make It In Design, their dedicated team have been reviewing the best ways for them to serve that reflects evolving e-learning opportunities and their growing community. They are more committed than ever to supporting the design careers of their wonderful community and to this end have decided to introduce some major changes to Make It In Design. They will shortly be transitioning Modules 1, 2 and 3 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design from live classes to instant access self-paced classes, so they can be taken at any time. Please note their flagship course The Ultimate Portfolio Builder will still be offered as a live online class twice a year, so they can continue to offer individual reviews. In addition they will shortly be opening the virtual doors to a brand new Make It In Design Members’ Club, which will be a low-cost-high-value monthly subscription offering access to expert design advice and support all year round. This will become the primary way for their community to access the teaching of Rachael Taylor and a number of guest teachers, the private design community, and a host of practical goodies to support students professional development and design business.This will allow the entire team to offer an even more personalised and efficient service, and give the community exactly what they need and when they need it. It is due to launch July 2nd 2018. As usual when we have any news from Make it in Design we like to post a graduate showcase and we start with Nikki Williams above and Lana Coopman below from Module 3 - Monetising your designs. Scroll down to see more work created by the graduates over the 5 weeks in class.

 Above : Sarah Grateley.
 Above : Christine Matthies.
Above : Sarah Garner.
 Above : Sandra Dwyer.
Above : Judith Gillet.
Above : Emily Hamm.
Above : Claire Mounier (Studio Esperluette). Below : Anna Putina.
Below we have a selection from the talented students of Module 2 - Creating your professional identity. Starting with Nici Gabriel.

 Above : Natalie Bontoft.
 Above : Aleida Weil.
 Above : Libby Hampel.
Below : Beate Allerton.
 Above : Nicky Lipczynski.
 Above : Suzy Dobson.
 Above : Paloma Rodriguez
And finally, a design by Viviana Ramos (above). Make it in Design attracts a global audience with students taking part from all over the world and are proud to of taught over 10,000 students since starting out in 2010.

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