16 July 2018

DESIGN AGENCY - jehane ltd

Jehane Boden Spiers is an artist and art agent in Brighton, UK who has just set up a new agency called Jehane Ltd. Jehane (pronounced like the French 'Je' in Je'taime and 'Hane' rhyming with yarn) has over 25 years experience in design herself and now develops licensing opportunities for a group of  8 other artists. Designer Snowden Flood has just been announced as the latest Jehane artist and joins Meghann Rader, Tracey English, Kate Heiss, Jade Mosinski, Amelia Bowman, Susan Kennewell, and Natalie Pedetti Prack. Jehane have an extensive portfolio ready to show clients and they also create custom commissions to a brief. Scroll down to see some examples of their beautiful artwork and you can find out more or get in touch via the Jehane website here.

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