10 August 2018

DESIGN CLUB - the colour gang details and giveaway

Over the years Make it in Design have built up a truly amazing alumni tribe of over 10,000 course graduates. For a long time now Make it in Design have been getting requests from that community to provide an accessibly priced, ongoing source of support, trend insight, design teaching (particularly to help build colour confidence), regular design challenges and access to professionals for advice. It has been a long time coming, but our members' club for designers - The Colour Gang - is finally here.
This new members club – The Colour Gang – provides a whole new level of ongoing support, advice, training and inspiration to creatives everywhere. The Colour Gang comes complete with hot trend insight, brand new teaching and some fantastic creative opportunities.

The Colour Gang is your home for design inspiration and motivation. Monthly topics and challenges cover bite-size pieces of information allowing you to learn whilst still having the headspace to go about your daily life. We promise to inject fun and colour into your daily, weekly and monthly routines.

Each month you will get:

· A laser-focused piece of insight into one aspect of the world of colour

· A creative challenge to inspire you to try new things

· An interview with someone who uses colour in their profession

· A monthly Facebook Live with Rachael Taylor, other members of the Make It In Design team or invited guests (depending on the monthly theme) where you can join the conversation and ask anything

· A set of up-to-the-minute WGSN trend reports handpicked by us for you

· Other fun bonuses

· Access to our amazing community of lovely designers just like you

· We very much want you to participate at your own pace and enjoy yourself as you work through the content.

Many amazing guest designers and experts are lined up to contribute over the coming months, and so much goodness in store. If you have been yearning for a creative community, where you can get support and guidance for your designs but you don't want another big e-course to tackle, then this could be the answer to your prayers! The Colour Gang launched August 6th, and WE are invited.
Find out more at makeitindesign.com/gang


Make it in Design would LOVE to offer ONE lucky reader of Print & Pattern a FREE 3 month membership to The Colour Gang!

Here’s How to Enter:

Post a comment about your favourite colour and why, and add in a sentence on why you should be picked for the giveaway before midnight on Tuesday 14th August (GMT).

The winner will be selected on Wednesday 15th August and will be announced here on the blog! Whoever wins can then contact learn@makeitindesign.com and will be set up on the course!
Good luck!


Sarah Savage said...

My favourite colour is magenta because it is the colour my lips go when I use green colour changing lipstick and when I use it always cheers me up and puts a smile on my face :)

The reason I should be picked is I would like to join a group of fellow like minded colourful creatives and I am big fan of their courses.

Anne-Margreet said...

My favourite colour is Fuchsia. The more darker, than light version of it. Somehow I always come back to this color when I make illustrations and patterns. It is a bright, warm but also a bit cool colour that goes well with so many other colours! I love it with pastels, but also with other bright colours. It makes a colour palette shine.
I always have loved colours, and the colour gang would be a great help and inspiration for my work. To make my work better and creating that fresh and happy spark that makes it fun to look at by others.

Beatrice said...

Sunshine yellow! I love colour and pattern and The Colour Gang sounds so inspiring.

Unknown said...

Mint green -a light tint just like the mint chocolate gelato from my favorite Ice Cream parlour, also the color of my Italian racing bike, so I think of fresh mountain air and a luscious treat after flecked with bittersweet chocolate.
The reason I because I’d love to be inspired again to get back to design work with like minded creatives and I am obsessed with colour

JANE said...

Orange! - its such a happy colour and also the first colour my son recognised!
I would love to join the colour gang as I am just starting up as a freelance designer and would be invaluable to keep me motivated and inspired.

Icklewitch said...

Gold is my favourite colour as it adds a touch of luxury to pattern and design - you can't beat a bit of sparkle. I'd love to join the colour gang because it will help me realise my dreams to become a designer.

Janine White said...

It's hard to choose, but I am always drawn to dark, navy blue. It reminds me of both the night sky and the deepest depths of the ocean and makes me imagine all of the creatures hiding in them.

Being part of The Colour Gang would be invaluable to my fledgling business, and would inspire me to push my designs further, make me think outside the box and adventure outside my comfort zone!

Grace said...

My favorite color would have to be teal. I find it to be both a soothing and fun color. There's a shade of it for every occasion and personally, it goes so perfectly in my mid-century modern home. I would loved to be picked for this giveaway, as I am a new designer to the world of surface pattern design and I am in love with it! The more I can learn, the better! -Grace

Rachel Burt said...

As a colour lover choosing a favourite is a tough call. There are so many reasons to love them all but if push came to shove I would have to pick yellow.
My love for the colour yellow comes from a lot of nostalgia.. reaching for the yellow pencil crayon to scribble my yellow (blonde) hair and as a fairly assertive 9 year old insisting on all my bedroom accessories being yellow. I guess my fondness towards yellow has grown; it’s happy, it’s fun and it’s hopeful.
I’d love to be given the chance to be part of the colour gang, it sounds fun, inspiring and best of all would give me the opportunity to learn from and interact with a community of like minded people!

Georgia said...

Yellow is my favourite colour. It is a positive, bright sunshiny colour.

Being part of the Colour Gang would mean that I could explore colour further and experiment with new ideas all with the support of a fantastic community and team full of knowledge and expertise.

Rhiannon Pettie Learning Log said...

My favourite colour is lime green, the zingy fresh nature of it, the promise of sun to come in spring, I just love it!

I would love to be part of the colour gang to support my current illustration degree, I need to work on my colour and having taken all the MIID courses, I know it will test and push me in new and wonderful directions!

Holly Proud said...

I love turquoise and teal colours. Since owning my own home I have noticed that it is the main colour in every room! Really love a little pop of yellow and grey with it too.

I would love to be part of the colour gang as I I recently have just set off as a freelance designer and trying to start my own business and when producing my own photos and designs, I have realised how much colour combinations makes you want to look and buy a product, it is such a hook and I would love the opportunity to learn the best way of executing this!

Kelly C. said...

I love every shade of fuchsia! I surround myself with it in every area. I probably use it a little too much in my designs. For that reason, I would love to be a part of the Gang to push my boundaries into other colorways. ;-)