07 August 2018

DESIGNER - fleur & mimi

Bea van der Zwaag is a Dutch designer, who grew up in Holland, and is now living and working in Ireland. She designs under the name Fleur & Mimi, the nick names of her two daughters. Her background is in software engineering and after 15 years of freelancing as a web and logo designer, she has decided to go full-time into surface designing. She loves using vibrant and bold colour palettes, which helps to make up for the often inclement Irish weather. Bea's work is inspired by her surrounding countryside, small and big creatures and her imagination. She is thrilled to be included in the Flow 2019 Calendar. She is currently looking for representation, as she would love to see her designs on stationery, home goods, textiles and used in the children's market. She can be found posting frequently on Instagram and on her website here.

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