28 September 2018

DESIGNER - art studio helene

Art Studio Helene is the work of Netherlands based designer Hélène van der Laag. After losing her job Hélène took the chance to make a career in the creative business, and after doing courses in Fashion and Interior Design she fell in love with surface pattern design. By not knowing Illustrator and Photoshop at all, it has taken Hélène quite a while to master pattern making. But now that that she has she says it doesn’t feel like working and feels excited every morning to be doing what she loves most! Hélène feels she has always had an eye for beauty, colour combinations and composition. She finds inspiration in nature especially the flowers, shades of green, birds etc. Here we have a showcase of Hélène's new tropical collection which was inspired by the extremely high temperatures this summer. She wanted something fun, bold and happy that would be suitable for kids fabric, stationery, or home decor. The plants and birds were created in watercolour and for the bugs Hélène used gouache before bringing them all into Photoshop for a clean up and to put them into repeat.

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