27 September 2018

LATEST WORK - susan black

Susan Black is an artist/designer living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Susan has licensed her artwork to many major US gift, home decor & stationery companies including Starbucks, Trader Joe's, Calypso Cards & Madison Park Greetings.I last featured her work way back in 2011 and Susan wanted to show how her style has evolved since then. She still has a love of all things colour and has recently compiled a fabulous botanical portfolio from which I am lucky enough to be able to post some examples below. You can find Susan's latest work on Instagram and by calendars, prints, colouring books etc. on Etsy.


Susan said...

My apologies for the late comment. Thank you so much for featuring my work, once again, on your fabulous site. Much love from Nova Scotia xo Susan

bowie style said...

You are most welcome Susan - loving your work !