19 September 2018

NEW E-COURSE - victoria johnson

Designer Victoria Johnson is launching a new online course called Explore Florals, with all new mood-boards, design briefs and colour palettes. Victoria was a fashion print designer for womenswear for twelve years and during this time found that flowers could be depicted in a million different ways and that there is an inexhaustible demand for floral designs on everything from Mother's Day cards to high end fashion. Victoria's aim is to provide an opportunity for artists to explore what makes them feel inspired and curious , expand their repertoire, and create floral art with their own voice, in a way that's new and exciting.
Professionals and beginners are welcome. The course is structured to accommodate the full spectrum of levels and materials. 
The course starts on Monday October 1st 2018 and is reasonably priced at $75 (reduced to $60 for those who sign up before September 19th at 12pm GMT+1. Just use the discount code EXPLOREFLORALS2A. There is also a Explore Florals community around Victoria's Instagram for those taking part to share their work online here.

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