18 October 2018

BOOK - yes life is waiting are you ready?

Today I'm posting a book that originally came out in 2015 by Kobi Yamada, and illustrated by Jessica Phoenix. I've only just discovered this book after seeing it in John Lewis as part of their Christmas offering. Published by Compendium as a gift book that will inspire positive thoughts and boost confidence it features bold geometric patterns and type. Artist Jessica Phoenix used markers, tracing paper, and paint to create digital collages. She says "Everyone can relate to that voice of negativity in our mind that tells us ‘no,’ which is why it's so needed to have a book that tells us we can ignore that voice and say ‘yes,’ instead.” The result is an intense yet uplifting graphic style that mirrors the negativity and optimism that can be found in the words on each page. You can find Yes life is waiting are you ready? in John Lewis stores now and online at Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

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