29 January 2019

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - unblink studio

The P&P Designers for Hire Directory welcomes a new entry from Jackie Tahara of UnBlink Studio, Jackie is a Canadian surface pattern designer who creates lush, organic and juicy motifs which she fits together like puzzle pieces into fresh, striking pattern designs with unusual colour combinations and lively sense of movement. Her versatile designs range from gorgeous florals and botanicals to playful novelty patterns that are destined for the textiles, housewares, fashion, stationery and packaging markets. Jackie especially likes creating groups of pattern designs that work together in larger collections to produce a range of products. Recent trips include Mexico, Japan and London have inspired her latest works and she also looks to past designers, such as Josef Frank and Maija Isola for inspiration. Jackie has a Diploma in Textile Design from Capilano University in Vancouver, Canada; has graduated from all modules of the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design; and has completed numerous Make Art That Sells and other portfolio-building courses. She is constantly working on her portfolio of designs and intends to never stop learning and exploring. Jackie is always looking for new opportunities to license her patterns or to collaborate on new projects, and encourages art and creative directors, agents and manufacturers to get in touch with her via her website here. You can also see the latest updates on Instagram here.


Unknown said...

Fabulous work Jackie !

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Your work is beautiful and it deserves to be recognized!

Jackie said...

Thank you for saying so!