15 March 2019

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - mandy porta

We end the week with another Designer for Hire with new entry Mandy Porta. Mandy is an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Louisiana, United States. She has a passion for designing bright and cheery art for children’s products, especially those that inspire imaginations and foster creativity. Mandy loves to paint in gouache as well as draw digitally. While somewhat new to the illustration industry, she spent over a decade as a freelance graphic designer working directly with small businesses to design various marketing materials. After taking some time off to care for her two little girls (who are now 5 and 7), she realized her true passion for making joyful art. Her girls and seven nieces continue to be a source of inspiration, and sometimes she even incorporates their art into her designs to make them extra special. Mandy is looking for new collaborations via licensing and commissions. If you love her look, you can get in touch via her website at mandyporta.com.

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