11 March 2019

FOLIO FOCUS - student showcase

We've a lovely wide selection of designs to enjoy today with a selection of artwork from previous students of the FolioFocus course. Run by Rise Design and Shine, FolioFocus is an 8-Week intensive portfolio building workshop, designed to help classmates boost their portfolios with trend driven, commercial art which is in line with what Art Directors and Retails are looking for. Many of their 'classmates' use the work created in the workshop to exhibit at Trade Shows or submit directly to clients and Art Directors. Over the course of workshop, classmates receive inspiring trend inspiration, fun creative briefs and the option to take part in live, recorded Q & A sessions and reviews.The new Spring 2019 session starts today and I’m happy to share a 10% discount code for Print and Pattern readers. Registration is open until 28th March and you can find out more about the course online here. Above and below we see the fabulous work of past FolioFocus classmate Liv Wan.
Below : Neely Daggett of Merry Mack Creative.

Below : Guncha Kumar.

Below : Rachel MacDonald.
Below : Inga Zwirschitz.

 Below : Leticia Plate.
 Below : Denise Ortakales.
 Below : Gail Myerscough.
 Below : Sinead Hanley.
 Below : Katie Wood.
  Below : Kate Merritt.
Below : Lauren Hamill.
 Below : Lori Perez.
Below : Eva Jancsovics (Whimsical Brush).

Below : Sue Gibbins - Rocket & Indigo.
 Below : Julia Bausenhardt.
Below : Erica Mulherin.
 Below : Sam Pernoski.

 Below : Youngsun Kim.

 Below : Nicola Miles.

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