15 May 2019

BLUE PRINT 2019 - debcu studio

Today we have a showcase from a very special exhibitor. Deborah Curiel won the Blue Print competition this year and so is diving for the first time in the world of licensing and surface pattern design. Deborah may be a newbie at trade shows but is definitely not a newbie at creating art as she has been drawing and creating since childhood. She works from her little studio at Mérida, Yucatán, México taking inspiration from her beautiful country and it’s culture, bold color, people and handcrafts. Through her portfolio you will be able to find florals, cute animals, lettered quotes, and much more. Since this is Deborah's first trade show and she has been preparing for it non-stop since January. She will have all new and fresh designs available for various markets. Deborah is looking forward to making new connections and seeing her designs and illustrations come to life. You can find more of her work online here and on Instagram or schedule an appointment for the show at info@debcustudio.com

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