12 June 2019

DESIGNER - patterns o'clock

Sonja Stojcevski is an  Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer working under the label Patterns O'Clock. Sonja was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. Different languages and cultures were something she was drawn to since childhood and so she went on to study Tourism. For the past 7 years Sonja has lived across Europe, including Spain, Italy, France and even spent some time across the pond in beautiful Baja California, Mexico. Sonja is a self-taught artist and have embarked on her creative journey 4 years ago. Her only regret is that hadn't started earlier as being able to express herself through shapes and colours is one of the biggest blessings in her life. Sonja has quite a big photo collection of different destinations and cultures and this is often where she will go for inspiration in generating colour palettes. Most of her work is hand drawn, and although she does use a graphic tablet here and there, for Sonja the magic happens when pen meets paper. You can visit Patterns O'Clock online here and on Instagram.

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