30 July 2019

SPOONFLOWER SHOP - tristan & Zoe

Designer Alexandra Michiardi of Tristan & Zoe was happy to announce that her designs became available to print on demand at Spoonflower and Roostery from July 8th. Her debut collection, 'Happy Blooms', features eleven playful and versatile prints, in two different colourways. The second collection 'Playful Garden' will be available in August and Alexandra is planning to release a new collection each month, mainly focusing on the kids and home decor markets. She wants to contribute to #designersforfuture by creating happy colourful prints that pay a tribute to our beautiful Earth and its incredible diversity. Alexandra hopes that her values will resonate with people and that will ultimately lead to strong relationships with ethical and eco-conscious companies. Find out more at Tristan & Zoe ,see the fabrics on Spoonflower here and follow the sneak peaks and updates on Instagram.

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AlexM said...

Thank you so much Marie for this beautiful feature!
You made my day!