10 July 2019

NEW WORK - jehane ltd

We are super lucky today to have a sneak preview of new work from design agency Jehane Ltd.
Jehane Ltd is a new UK based agency which is going from strength to strength. Personally run by artist and art agent Jehane Boden Spiers, the agency is celebrating new partnerships and opportunities after a successful debut USA trade show at Blueprint New York in May. Jehane’s portfolios are hugely admired by clients and artists alike and the agency has rapidly grown to represent some of the most exciting talents in the industry. This includes the most recent artists to join; Katherine Quinn, Ali Brookes, and Bex Parkin. Working both to commission and licensing existing art, Jehane Ltd have signed deals with children’s book publishers in Europe, USA, and Australia with new product ranges launching with licensees in UK, USA, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, New Zealand, and Australia. I had a lovely time looking through the summer release of Jehane’s latest new art and with so many great designs to choose from it was hard to choose. Scroll down to see examples of their beautiful artwork and you can find out more or get in touch via Jehane’s website here. Jehane is pronounced like the French 'Je' in Je'taime and 'Hane' rhyming with yarn.

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