18 September 2019

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - liila : silvia visscher

We have a new entry in the Print & Pattern Designers for Hire Directory today. Silvia Visscher is a Dutch based pattern designer and digital illustrator. For many years, Silvia was busy with screen printing. But after the birth of her son, she had less time to go into the print studio. She looked for a different way to work with her passion for colour and composition. Silvia started to work more on the computer and soon fell in love with making digital illustrations and patterns. Her style is detailed, often abstract and often only uses one colour. She gets inspiration form vintage craft books, nature, post war public art and the geographical maps her father made during his career. This summer Silvia started a company named Liila. Her work is available for licensing and she welcomes any clients and collaborations. To see her designs you can visit her website www.liila.nl and follow her on Instagram for any updates.

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