10 October 2019

CREATE COLLECTIONS - victoria johnson

I have heard good news from fabulous designer Victoria Johnson this week. Registration is now open for her new online course "Create Collections", which will start on Monday 28th October.

It cost $197 (approx £160) for a five-week course. Or $177 (Approx £145) if you sign up before October 12th (at Midnight GMT) midnight GMT. Just use the code - CREATECOLLECTIONS4U2

The Cart for entry closes on Wednesday 23rd October at 10.00 pm GMT.

You can sign up online here!

More about the course....

Create a collection of cohesive, impactful artwork that impresses and engages art directors.

Use your unique taste to tell a visual story, solidify your style and increase the sales potential of your portfolio.

If you’re a commercial artist or designer, wanting to reach a broad range of clients with a strong body of work, then you know you need to think in terms of cohesive colours, subject matter and techniques - a style.

You’ve probably also heard that within that style, you need smaller groups of designs that focus on specific commercial themes - collections.

Think of it like this;

Style is the overarching story (the book).

Collections are the stories within the story (the chapters).

Victoria has taken what she's learned from creating and selling thousands of designs over more than twenty years, and condensed it into a comprehensive, five-week course that will help you build a more commercial and profitable portfolio.

Professionals and beginners are welcome. The course is structured to accommodate a full spectrum of levels and materials.

All information can be found online here

The beautiful designs below were created by super-talented artists who took the course last April.......
 Above : Laurence Lavallee. Below : Kate Merritt.

Above : Heather Powers. Below : Suzy Taylor.

Above : Hannah Beisang. Below : Juliet Bedell
Below : Crissie Rodda
More work from course students can be seen on Instagram here.

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