07 November 2019

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - rosa navas

I am pleased to introduce a new Designer for Hire today. Rosa Navas is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in the beautiful city of Granada in Spain. Rosa has always been a big follower of all the fields related with visuals arts and creativity and she studied both Fine Arts and Graphic Design. She says she is particularly in love with the illustration field and really enjoys combining colours and shapes until she finds the perfect balance between them. Surface patterns are another of Rosa's favourite areas and she feels a real passion for her job. Her inspiration comes from everywhere, in nature, in art and she says in the many and very talented artists that she is so lucky to find out every single day. Rosa feels her designs would be a good fit for markets such as stationery, home decor, fabrics and wallpaper design. Or wherever you "want add a little of colour and joy". She is open to licensing and commissions and is looking forward to taking part in challenging and exciting projects. Find Rosa online here and on Instagram.

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